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It's No One's Duty to Root for Me

Rachel Saylor

Being someone who writes fiction, something that may sound interesting to some is rarely championed by most. There are countless times I feel the awkwardness of answering the question, "What do you do?" Especially since I don't have a physically published book to offer as an example. However, I am working my ass off to get there. 

I like to voice people's doubts in conversation before they get the chance. I'll tell them, "I'm still working on monetizing what I do, but I have an incredible husband who supports me while I do so," or, "I've made the decision to take a more difficult career path." At times, the conversation is changed rather quickly to something different, as the interest is lacking, which is a reason for me to work hard to make the topic worthwhile. 

I'm told that what I do is "cute" or "impossible", but that's just where my part comes into play. I have to work hard by putting in the time and effort to become better, to get published, and to show others what I am capable of creating and putting out into the world.  

Although it is no one's duty to root for me, I want to make them wish that they had. This is part of what drives me to put the hours into writing, editing, and figuring out how to get published. Using people's doubts or discouragement has always been a drive for me, and why not take negative comments and beliefs about your passion for fueling your work ethic and curation, making you come out on top? You win doubly for it by making better work, getting more done, and laughing at those who didn't believe in you. I hope you can likewise not let the doubters get you down, but turn it into a positive spin to better yourself.