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About Me

…and some things I believe.

I write YA contemporary fiction, Chick literature, as well as dystopian literary fiction. I’ve also written a short memoir, Fire Diaries. I don’t like feeling tied down to one particular genre.

You have to hustle to get what you want out of this life. If writing is what you want, then show up every day ready to get those fingers working. There is no such thing as writing a novel in your head. Eventually you have to put time and hard work into it. For me, this is sometimes easier said than done. I’d like to think I always put in the sweat and tears before I cozy up on the couch with a book, but it’s not always the case. *Puts laptop down and picks up novel.

Hard work pays off. As you show up to write each day, you will find the reward to be great. You will actually complete stories, rewrite those stories, painfully rewrite them again and end up with a whole, connectable and succinct story. Most likely it will turn out better than you could have imagined. Sometimes, it isn’t what you hoped for. It has happened to me plenty of times. But I don’t regret the time and effort I put into those stories, because I grew through them. And so will you.

Aim high, hit high - don’t limit your dreams. You can make them a reality. If your dream is to write a series that contains at least 15 books, then sit down at your computer every day to work towards that goal; you will make it happen.

Your written work should be expressed in such a way that readers can easily understand it and be swept up in your story. So much in fact that they forget they are actively reading, but instead feel they are part of the story.

I hope to create stories in which my readers fall in love with as much as I have fallen in love with them myself.

To be a writer means to also be an avid reader. Side story: I once told my husband I wanted to make sure I was scheduling “reading time” into my day to ensure I wasn’t neglecting it. His reponse? Laughter. Followed by, “Literally every free second you get, you open a book.”

Writing and reading is what I do. It’s where I find my joy and clarity.

The connections I’ve made with other writers and readers has been priceless. I want to always be collaborating, supporting, and critiquing with other creatives. I believe it is important we build each other up. There is always room for more love.