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A Place to Call Home

Rachel Saylor

A quick update on life and writing, as I know it's hard to follow:

This year has been the year of adventure. My husband and I spent a few months in London, where I had the pleasure of watching my niece grow and we traveled to other European countries on the weekends. It was a dream, and I look back on the time longingly. 

After coming back to the states, we stayed with gracious family and friends for the next couple of months. We needed to stick around in North Carolina, until two couples that we love got married. When we came back from London, slightly disappointed that we couldn't stay, but also excited to set out on a new adventure, we came to the conclusion that out west was the place for us to go next. It has been a dream of ours and with little belongings in hand and a hankering to explore, we went for it. Just a couple of weeks ago we set out on the open road, trekking across the U.S. with one car, one pup and two open hearts. Along the way, we stopped to visit new and old friends, places we've never been to and middle school dream spots *Ahem, Roswell, NM, land of aliens.* We took our time, appreciating the differing landscapes and delicious cuisine along the way. We also made a point to work while we were on the road. 

We now reside in Tempe, Arizona. Our dear friend invited us to spend some time with her here. As we got to talking, two weeks turned into two months, which has now developed into us living with her for five months. I've never even visited Arizona before, but what a freaking treat it has been. I could not contain my frantic giddy laughter at the sight of the large cacti that populate the desert land. The mountain range that encapsulates this area is breathtaking, and although yes, it is hot as Hades here, I am falling for this place. 

Having a place to call home, where we have our own bedroom and don't have to pack up to then unpack the next day or week somewhere else gives me such sweet relief. I feel cozy here, with a nook in the corner set up for my daily writing and editing sessions. I am starting my new adventure of working from home on my writing, with a schedule I can follow, and let me tell you, I am over the moon happy. 

Our plan, come January, is to move up to Portland, Oregon. For now, I am going to immerse myself into the life of a writer working from home.