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Start the Race

Rachel Saylor

I love schedules. They are what I rely on to get things done. I love getting a pen and paper out, making bullet points and writing out each task I need to complete for the day, anticipating the moment that I get to check or mark that item off of the list. Exciting, right?! Well, I know not everyone gets as excited about lists as I do, but each person has some way, shape or form of getting pumped to get things done. So it's important to figure out what gets you going and tap into that so you can push forward, full steam ahead!

I have used this love of lists all throughout college to achieve my goal of getting summa cum laude, to complete a half marathon (something I thought I could never possibly do) and as a means to keep my sanity while prepping for the GRE. As I think about creating lists, I start to get hyped up and my fingers begin tingling, I feel as if I've just drank 4 cups of coffee and I am at the start line of a race waiting for the gunshot. Since I have used this as a way to accomplish things in the past, then why not use it now with writing? I plan to schedule out my times for writing, what kind of writing I'll do, and some goals to reach ie: complete a young adult fiction novel. This goal seems so big and beyond what I am capable of doing and makes me nervous just typing it out, but if I create the lists and progress in small ways, I will begin to get closer and closer to the end goal.

I am a futuristic thinker and sometimes it can be daunting to think about these large goals I have created for myself, but if I take it one step at a time or one item off of my smaller list at a time, I know I can do it.

Find your driver, put it into use and start pumping those legs (or fingers, for you writers). Let’s get this race started!