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One Year Mark - A Positive Outlook

Rachel Saylor


As promised, I am writing on the one year mark of our apartment burning down. Today signifies a day of immense change and moving forward towards our passions and burning desires of what we want out of this life. Losing everything in one fell swoop was a wake up call for me and Austin. We hold on tighter in our hugs, we take more thoughtful care in the words we express to each other and others with which we come into contact, we love from a place far deeper than either of us knew possible, and we let go from that which holds us back from reaching our potential.

From the outside, you may not see much of a change from the two of us, but inside, as we continue on our life journey hand-in-hand, our roots are twisted and grown down farther and stronger, and we stand grounded in who are individually, as well as who we are as a unit. Tragedy brings a new wisdom and outlook on life than before. We know we are two of many who face heartache and tragedy, and that others encounter far worse than we even experienced in this isolated event. This daily remembrance is sobering.

I cannot say I am happy about having to flee from my burning down home and having to start over, but I am so grateful for how it has shaped me for the better. Watching as others go through the shit that life has dumped on their heads, I am able to more appropriately respond and give support and comfort. I am not an expert on how to counsel everyone through these hardships, but I have more clarity on how these things effect and end up shaping us, which has turned me into a more sensitive and understanding lover, sister, daughter, friend or even at times stranger.

Life is a gift. There is no way to know how long that gift will last. Austin and I want to make this life count. We wish to do all of the things we strive to accomplish and experience and not let anything stand in our way. This year I wrote my first short and started a weekly blog. Austin quit his job and is now a freelance Motion Designer. We are chasing after our passions. This year was a year of hard work and determination. It was a year of being broken and put back together with a stronger foundation. Throughout this year, I have found my confidence and fire. I am fierce has become my new mantra and I believe I am capable of doing anything my heart desires.

I think this year will be a time for more hard work, but I think we will also begin seeing the benefits of that time and energy we have been putting into our work. We have plans to take my writing, Austin’s designing and business ventures to the next level this year. By this time next year, I hope to report back with a slew of new change that has taken place in mine and Austin’s lives. Till then, cheers to a positive outlook and working your ass off to get what you want out of this life.