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Step Out Into the Open

Rachel Saylor

I am a little blip on this intricate, cluster fuck of an internet web. Yet, somehow, I was still nervous as hell when I first put my website up and made my writing open to the public.

In reality, the public that would actually read my blog, consisted of the tiniest slice of pie from the billions who consume information on the internet. Even knowing this to be the case, I was still frightened by what others would think of me. Worried that these readers would pull apart every word I wrote and guffaw as they read my work, saying to themselves, “What an amateur.”

Here is the thing: I have not gotten much attention for what I have written on my blog, but I have received some encouragement. People have reached out who also want to write and get together to talk about writing. This is an incredible thing! I get to build a network, encourage others and in return be encouraged by them.

In the meantime, I am practicing my writing skills weekly and getting over the idea of being critiqued by every eye that glances at my work. Take advantage of this time where people are not taking notice in you to develop and mature at your craft, your art. This time is invaluable. While you’re doing this, reach out to others who are passionate about the same work and create relationships with them. You can learn from each other and push off of each other’s momentum to become better.

Remember: You won’t get much attention by others for a while, but keep showing up every day. This growth period will get you ready for when the criticism begins taking place and you will be stronger for it. Keep pushing through and creating! As you do so, you will forget that you were ever even nervous in the beginning. You’ll be too busy creating to have such trivial worries infiltrate your thoughts.