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Rachel Saylor

Once, a few years ago, I attempted to use Twitter. This may sound ridiculous, especially to those well versed in social media, but when it comes to social media, I am at a loss. Compared to the average consumer, I don’t use Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat nearly as much. Not to mention all of the other social media out there like Twitter, Tumblr, Peach or Medium.  

What I’ve realized is that people are consuming a shit ton of content on these social media platforms and I need to figure out how to use them, which ones will help me reach more people and help them get over their writing fears, and then get my ass into gear using them. I have started with the medium I feel most comfortable with, that feels the least intimidating; Facebook. Here, every Monday, I post a blurb and link to my latest blogpost on my website.

I think it is important to start with the social media you feel most at ease using. Develop a routine posting on it. By posting compelling, consistent content, you will force people to notice you. Even if it doesn’t happen immediately, which it most likely won’t, eventually you will get attention and begin gaining your audience. Don’t get disheartened when not many people like your post or visit your blog that week. Yes, it is natural of us as humans to want to feel validated, and online this is felt by receiving likes and comments on our posts, but don’t give up when you are not seeing many, if any at all, responses. You know your content is gold, so keep writing and posting. With time, you will see results.

This will be difficult, but I suggest that after you post your content on the social media platforms you feel comfortable using, begin writing your next post or working on your next novel. Do this instead of obsessing over constantly checking to see if anyone has sung your praises. Since I know humans are not robots, give yourself specific times to check your posts to bask in the validation. Feel gratitude as you devour the likes, retweets, views and words people respond to your post with, and use it to propel you to continue writing and working your ass off.