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Fighting Your Own Lazy Self

Rachel Saylor

I have already written a blogpost about this concept, but it does not make it any less true. It is fucking hard to say no to bullshit. Sleepiness takes over and it feels as if I am operating at half my normal speed.

“This day has been rough. I deserve a break,” I say to myself. Sometimes I really am my own worst influence.

There is a sense of frustration and jealousy about what other people are doing.

“They get to go out and have a good time whenever they want,” I think.

So yes, there is some truth here. Maybe your friends are going out and playing around, but you are hustling and making your dreams become a reality. You are sacrificing now, so that later, when everyone is still playing, you are sitting on a successful published novel or business.

Look at the people of whom you find yourself jealous.

Think through what you are jealous about. Is it their lack of responsibility? Their care free actions?

Now, imagine where you will be a year or two from now. Your hard work will start to pay off in the years to follow. Do you think those who are dilly dallying and experiencing instant gratification will be in the same successful situation as you in the years to follow?

Simply answered, no, they will not.  

Know that your efforts put forth right now will pay off in the future. Use this reminder to boost you in the times you crave to throw out your responsibilities and just have fun instead.

I do firmly believe that you should kick back every now and again and go out on the town, but those should be special times thoughtfully planned.

Stop yourself from feeling like you are missing out as you struggle to put your main priorities first. Rather, think about how next year and the years after that you won’t be sad about that night you didn’t go out, nor that time you didn’t waste hours on social media. Why? Because your success will have lifted you to new heights and the thought of how you felt back then will seem trivial.

Transplant yourself in your future self’s shoes and tell your present self, “Get over it. Keep working your ass off. We’ve got shit to accomplish if you want to make it to this point.”