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Rachel Saylor


As I continue to make myself write each day and dig deep within myself to articulate my opinions and the way that I feel on different topics concerning this life of ours, I find that I have also begun speaking my opinions out to others. I have noticed that as I am voicing my opinions, I am able to more clearly articulate my thoughts. This is because I have not only been bouncing ideas around in my head, but I have been writing them out, making them more concrete, and therefore, I have more confidence in expressing myself on these particular subjects. Instead of being intimidated by abstract concepts, I am exploring, discovering and coming alive within these ideas. This is a beautiful change that is, of course, bringing growth.

As I have found myself in different situations with people having discussions on topics such as politics, healthy lifestyles, what a good marriage is, etc., I have sometimes felt myself paralyzed, unable to say anything. Although I have thought about a lot of the topics that arise in conversation, perhaps I have not ventured to express those thoughts to others, and therefore, I do not feel as strongly about them. I have not let myself thoroughly search and discover inside my mind what I think on many subjects. However, after I have spent time writing about such things, I have that boost of confidence and am able to quickly compile a sound thought that I can interject into the conversation. I don't have to feel like I have nothing to contribute anymore. Even if you don't ever publish your writings, it is an incredible way to discover your voice.

Being able to have more solid ideas and stances on different subjects will bring even more growth when you open up conversations with others on these subjects. They will have new insight or varying opinions to your own, but your own opinions will be more matured than if you had not written them out, creating room for more in-depth, better thought out conversations.

I urge you to dig deep within yourself and start to write. As the blood flows to your fingertips and you are typing away, clarity will hit you, your ideas will solidify and your confidence will be boosted. That is not to say that there won’t be struggle; you will battle your thoughts. As you fight it out, your thoughts will become clearer, and there you will find freedom. What a beautiful thing that is.