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Jasper's Mountain Novel Update

Rachel Saylor

I am almost finished with my novel, Jasper's Mountain! It has been developing beautifully, if not with a bit of intensity and suspense ;) By November 30th, I wrote over 50,000 words, and damn, does it feel good. I am so happy to have participated in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge. It has set me up on a schedule, a habit, and really a lifestyle change of writing daily. 

My novel is not fully complete yet, so I will continue writing daily till it is finished. Once I am done, I will let Jasper's Mountain rest, and be read by my editors (friends and family), while I work on a different piece. I want to let my brain set Jasper's Mountain down, so that when I come back to it, I will have a fresh perspective. I plan to continue my vlog, changing it to weekly (as daily is far too frequent for me to keep up with at this time). I'd love for you to follow along with the process of writing, editing, publishing etc. my novel. 

 I cannot wait for you all to get to read the end product!

If you haven't had the chance to yet, check out my youtube channel with all of my daily video updates on how the writing is coming here.

To get you started on the vlog, here is the first video I posted on November 1st

Cheers to working your ass off to get what you want out of this one life!