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Writers Write When They are Uninspired

Rachel Saylor

That feeling when you have a blank document on your screen, trying to figure out what you have to say, but coming up with nothing can be disheartening. It’s easy, at that point, to shut the screen back down and waste time doing other things, which is stopping you from reaching your goals. Sometimes I feel as if I have nothing left to say on a topic; that it is closed and done. Normally, this thought comes very prematurely and there is clearly much more I have to express on a subject, but my mind feels empty and the words are not flowing. These are the moments that will make or break you as a writer. I am reminded of something that I have heard in the past year more than once: A true writer writes, not just when they are inspired, but also when they are uninspired. A true writer writes everyday. This is neither to say that it is easy, nor that you will always easily find the words to write, nor that everything you write everyday will be spectacular and publishing worthy. However, as you dedicate part of every day to your love of writing (even on the days you don’t think you love it), and push yourself to dig deep and continuously create, I believe you will become a stronger writer, create incredible work you never thought possible and live out your dream rather than just dreaming of your dream. 

Create goals for yourself each day. Your goals can be different for each day of the week or month. For some people, the goal of writing a certain amount of words every day gives them motivation. Others like to schedule a certain amount of time each day. Yet, others like to set goals of writing out a complete blog post, poem, or short in one sitting. Choose what works for you, even if that means switching up between these different styles throughout the week. Get creative with how you get your writing done, whatever works the best for you. There is no need to try and follow some conventional way of a writing process to get your thoughts written out each day. Write the way that suits you; sit down, stand up, lie down or walk (you get my point) and get to writing in your own way and style. 

I am currently writing each day with the goal in mind to complete a blog entry or a section of a short story I am writing. For some, the thought of having to stay at your computer writing until an entire blog or chapter of a story is written can be daunting, but for me, right now, it is what motivates me and makes me feel fulfilled and happy with myself at the end of each writing session. I expect my style or drive to continuously change, especially depending on what I am writing, but for now this goal of writing a complete piece is working for me. I urge you to set some of these goals (not limited to what I have come up with) and meet each goal. If something didn’t jive well with you and hindered your writing time, then leave it behind. Take what works, apply it and create a more efficient and stronger writing experience for yourself each and every day. 

I would love to know where you like writing, how you write, and what goals you set for yourself, as well as any other interesting aspects of your writing sessions you would like to share with me. Leave a comment here or email me directly at I love hearing from others and maybe even trying out your style or suggestions.